Engaged For Success


Family Engagement is one of the current “buzz words” within the field of early childhood education! I am currently conducting research on the topic, while furthering my education at UNCG.

As a parent of a middle schooler, a product of a PTA parent, a member of the PBIS committee and an early childhood educator, these words are my life partially summed up.

I honestly see Family Engagement as “The Village”! Family engagement is effective communication, productive relationships, and successful consistency! In the village approach, everyone has an important roll or the village won’t function properly. In family engagement, it is the same and it causes unexplained behaviors, unnecessary frustrations, and implicit biases.

Family engagement is joining the PTA, attending performances, sporting events, conferences, open house, or Title I Night! It is also developing a time to discuss with your child his/her progress with them and the teachers. It is communicating with all teachers about concerns, priorities, and resources! It is about developing expectations and everyone working to achieve them together.

Family Engagement will look different in each family, as it will look different at every level of development. It will change over time due to new relationships and life demands. Make Family Engagement a priority and see how it benefits your child’s development and academic success!

As an educator, I strive on building relationships with my family. I believe in taking the team approach in achieving success! As a PreK educator, I realize that for many this is their first experience in a public school setting, I want it to be great, and I desire to enlighten them on the importance of being advocates for their children and remaining engaged beyond my class. I try to provide helpful tips and opportunities to keep them engaged in their child’s growth and development.

As a parent, I honestly feel like I fall short because I compare myself to my mom who asked questions in the car, was PTA president, volunteered at all extracurricular activities and attended every event I participated in! I’ve learned through my years of parenting and educating that family engagement will look different in each family. That’s the unique beautiful thing about it! It’s created to work for the people who are in that family.

I challenge guardians to engage in your child’s growth, development, and academic pursuits!

I challenge educators to enlighten families on ways to engage in their child’s growth, development, and academic pursuits!


Black History Month

“It’s the shortest Month of the year.”

“We should celebrate all year long.”

“There are more than just Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver and Harriet Tubman in African American History.”

“It’s optional to complete a Black History Project. It isn’t a part of the curriculum.”

“These are things I’ve heard this month.”

I am a African American Educator! I love diversity in every form! I Love my heritage and desire people to gain knowledge and understanding about My Culture, not just in Feb, but also when it applies to all learning opportunities.

Carter G. Woodson advocated for Black History Month, and yes I believe he, as well as me, hoped one day, reflections of all cultures would exist in curriculum, however it hasn’t happened yet. We still live and learn in a country where European history dominates the learning environment and experience.

As a educator, it saddens me to hear persons in leaderships roles disregard the culture they serve. If you are a leader (superintendent, principal, director, educator, etc) please take the time to make sure you embrace the cultures and communities you serve. Authentically embrace them in creating the fabric of the diverse culture. While it is still a national holiday embrace it! Authentically enhance everyone in the environment of ALL cultures represented! Educate as it relates to current events, no matter the study, unit topic, or thematic plan! Oftentimes sharing something relatable engages learners to embrace the required content!

As an educator it is my duty and responsibility to provide meaningful experiences! The experiences I provide, must be relatable for them to be memorable. In order for understanding of knowledge to happen, a connection must happen!

No, I don’t have Data or Research on this, but I do have experience! Yes, I know educators are wedged in between data driven environments and children who yearn for authentic experiences!

I challenge leaders to be conscious of the words they utter publicly in the school environment in reference to potentially debatable topics of discussions. Yes we all are entitled to our own opinion, as a servant leader in a public environment , we must dismiss bias, prejudices, and lack of tolerance!

In the famous words of Fannie Lou Hamer “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!

If the World isn’t ready for our culture, then we must enlighten the world! How you may ask, by going above and beyond for our culture 365 days of the year!

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I will Persevere Until Success Happens #PUSH